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Mystery Groups

What’s the Big Mystery about Mystery Groups?

Mystery Groups were formed in various areas around Boston to help TOHG members get to know and have fun with other members who live close to them.

Current Mystery Groups are North, South, Hub, and West— each with a minimum of five (5) committed members.

Groups get together once a month for a “mystery” event planned by a member of the group. Only the leader knows in advance where they will be going, what they will be doing.

Members take turns developing event ideas and sending out general information to the group about date, time, where to meet, appropriate dress, level of physical ability, cost, etc.

Mystery Groups provide a chance to fill your friends in on some of your favorite “finds”: a local walk, a historic site or museum, an art or dance class, a local sporting event, other.

How to Join a Mystery Group

Click here to sign up for a Mystery Group. Please include your home town in the request so you will be assigned to the right group.

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