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Upcoming events

Please check for upcoming events often. During Fall and Winter we will offer impromptu day events announced on short notice.

COVID-19: Some Gang sport and social activities are back. Online social meetings are strongly encouraged.
The guidelines for New England are varied but we choose to stay cautious and continue to restrict events to individuals and groups up to 12 people,  limiting all Club-endorsed sport and social events to avoid exposing any member to the virus. Refer to event specific information posted with each event and please stay safe.

The Top of the Hill Gang of New England is a ski and sports club of energetic adults, fifty years and over in age. In the Gang, you’ll meet friends who thrive on an adventurous, active way of life, and participate in recreational and social activities geared to our generation.

We’re not trying to recapture youth! What we offer is an opportunity to continue to live a life filled with satisfying experiences shared with friends of similar interests through the discovery and rediscovery of the joy and vitality we get from participating in the Gang’s many activities.

  •  Downhill Ski
  • X-C Ski/Snow Shoe
  • Kayak
  • Bicycle

  • Golf
  • Hike/Walk
  • Tennis/Pickleball
and more...

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Past Events

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